To setup or create a website, at you need to know CMS. CMS is a content management system. At present, many CMS is available, but the most popular CMS is WordPress. WordPress gives you to control your website and setup your content and WordPress is a very powerful Software that gives you full control over your website. And good thing is that its a open sources software. Its totally free you don’t need to purchase it, you can download this software from the official website of wordpress.

You need to follow few steps to create a website through wordpress.

At first you need to install wordPress on your computer. In second step you have to set up a theme. The theme is basically how your website structure or outlook will look like.There are many themes in wordPress, you can use the themes that you like. There are two types of theme available in wordpress one is free theme and another is premium.If you want to use free themes you can download from wordpress website and if you want to use premium theme than you have to buy it.

After theme setup you need to customize the theme & upload your content and various information.Then you need to buy a domain and hosting for your website. Then transfer your website in your domian.

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